Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual syndrome includes a wide variety of symptoms that occur with your menstrual cycle.

Emotional and behavioral Symptoms
o Tension or anxiety
o Depressed mood
o Crying spells
o Mood changes and irritability or anger
o Appetite changes and food cravings
o Trouble falling asleep (insomnia)
o Social withdrawal
o Poor concentration

Physical Symptoms
o Joint or muscle pain
o Headache
o Fatigue
o Weight gain related to fluid retention
o Abdominal bloating
o Breast tenderness
o Acne flare-ups
o Constipation or diarrhea

For some, a combination of symptoms with increased intensity can greatly impact daily life. Whether you experience one or ten of these symptoms, it is something most women would rather not experience and often seek medical attention to help resolve them.

– Cyclic changes in hormones
– Chemical changes in the brain
– Depression
– Lifestyle including diet

How we treat PMS naturally:

As with most conditions, symptoms are simply the way the body communicates that something is off balance. Whether this relates to improper nutrition, increased stress, hormone imbalance, eating too much of the wrong foods, lack of exercise, etc. it is important to take a complete history, assess lifestyle habits that include diet, exercise sleep, detoxification of the body, medications/supplements, mental/emotional state and lab work to determine all factors that may be involved in the manifestation of symptoms.

Often we will incorporate a detox program that will enhance detoxification, improving organ function as kidney filtration while at the same time deceasing inflammation and pain. For instance, if you are not having 1-3 bowel movements daily this may impact hormone levels, particularly estrogen. The more estrogen the less progesterone, resulting in symptoms as breast tenderness, fluid retention, depression, mood changes, anxiety and others. It is important to note that as we remove obstacles that hinder proper function, we will begin to see great improvements.

Based on the results, we will make necessary adjustments where appropriate for healing and restoration of proper body function. Though at times such medications as antidepressants, diuretics or hormonal contraceptives may initially help with the symptoms, they do not address the underlying reasons as to why the imbalance is taking place. For this reason, if you desire a more complete resolution of all symptoms, working together with the natural processes of the body and experiencing these benefits long term, it is necessary to look deeper than simply the symptoms that manifest. Options that may be utilized to help treat the underlying causes may include herbs, dietary changes, supplements, acupuncture and/or other methods for optimal function.

Each treatment plan will be tailored to the individual. Our goal is to improve your overall quality of life, not simply treat the symptoms.

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