A natural process of the immune system where the white blood cells produce substances that protect us from infections from invaders as bacteria, viruses, etc.

However, in many disease, inflammation is activated when it shouldn’t be. Constant activation of inflammation can lead to diseases as arthritis, gastritis, hepatitis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, pain and others.

Symptoms of inflammation include

– Redness
– Swollen joints that are warm to the touch
– Joint pain
– Joint stiffness
– Loss of joint function
– Fever
– Chills
– Fatigue/loss of energy
– Headaches
– Loss of appetite
– Muscle stiffness
– Pain and others

Many diseases known today begin with inflammation and if not addressed, will lead to more chronic and severe diseases.

How we treat inflammation naturally:

Considering how inflammation is the beginnings of many diseases, we will begin by taking a thorough history, assess lifestyle habits that include diet, exercise sleep, detoxification of the body, medications/supplements, mental/emotional state and lab work to determine what may be contributing to the initial development of inflammation.

Considering that a large portion of the immune system in found in the digestive system (gut), we focus greatly on what goes into the digestive tract. There are many foods that are naturally inflammatory as refined sugar or that push the inflammatory pathway as omega 6 foods as vegetable oils.

For this reason, it is important we focus on diet. In conjunction with the results as well as other assessments obtained, we will develop a treatment plan specific to the individual to treat and prevent inflammation that is not necessary and thus prevent the development of chronic diseases.
In some cases, we will also incorporate other treatment methods as herbs, acupuncture, supplementation, EC for emotional imbalances, and others.

Our goal is to improve your overall quality of life, not simply treat the symptoms

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