Characterized by sudden, severe attacks of pain, redness, and tenderness in joints, often the big toe.
Gout is a complex form of arthritis and affects both women and men, though it is more commonly seen with men.

Gout manifests with the accumulation of urate crystals that form with high levels of uric acid in the blood. The body will produce uric acid when it breaks down purines, naturally found in the body, but are also found in the foods we eat as steak, organ meats, seafood, alcoholic beverages and drinks sweetened with fruit juices.

Whether your body produces too much uric acid or the kidneys are not able to excrete it effectively, it will accumulate in the blood, forming sharp needle-like urate crystals in the joints or surrounding tissue leading to inflammation, swelling and pain.

Risk factors include age, gender, diet, obesity, medications, medical condition, family history or recent surgery or trauma.

How we treat gout naturally:

We will take a thorough history, assess lifestyle habits that includes diet, exercise, sleep, detoxification of the body, medications/supplements, mental/emotional state and lab work to determine contributors.
Often we will incorporate a detox program that will enhance detoxification, improving organ function as kidney filtration while at the same time decreasing inflammation and pain.
Together with dietary changes, we may also add herbs, homeopathy, acupuncture, and/or the Emotion Code to further restore and maintain proper function.
The treatment plan will be tailored to the individual, with alterations based on how the body responds.

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